Importing Firearms into Canada

Hunters importing firearms into Canada, that do not hold a valid Canadian firearms license must complete a Non-Resident Firearm Declaration form and pay a $25 CAN fee. Once confirmed by a border services officer, this form will act as a temporary firearm license for up to 60 days.

Click to print RCMP 5589:Non-Resident Firearm Declaration form:


Hunting Regulations Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Environment requires that all big game rifle hunters wear a vest (an outer garment that covers the torso) of scarlet, bright yellow or blaze orange. The vest may include a label or crest not exceeding 100 centimetres² or 15 inches².  Scarlet, bright yellow or blaze orange headwear is also required. The headwear may include a small label or crest not exceeding 50 centimetres² or 7.8 inches².


When You Arrive

Waterfowl Hunt

Parties booked for waterfowl hunting will be required to rent a car to travel from Saskatoon to their accomodations the Sunday before their scheduled hunt. Directions will be provided to you by our administrative assistant. Once you arrrive, you will meet your guides, receive your licenses and get settled in before heading out ot hunt on Monday morning. Hunting will take place from Monday to Friday and clients will head back to Saskatoon on Saturday morning.

Whitetail Hunt

Clients flying into Saskatchewan generally arrive in Saskatoon on the Saturday before their scheduled hunt. You will spend the night in Saskatoon, so please ensure that you book accomodations accordingly. Hunters are picked up by our guides on Sunday morning and transported to the lodge to get settled in before their hunt occurs the next day. Licensing is handled by our administrative assistant to help ensure that your trip is as worry-free as possible. On the Saturday at the end of the scheduled hunt, our clients are transported back to Saskatoon. Again please ensure that you book accomodations as needed.


Clients scheduled to hunt with us can expect our administrative assistant to be in contact to go over any further information that will be required.